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White Vermuth di Torino



This aromatized wine is the aperitif par excellence. The Vermouth Bianco Bosca very ancient recipe goes back for centuries, having been passed down from generation to generation. White vermouth has a very delicate, pure flavor similar to an infusion, and engages right from the first sip; here the perfect partnership between highly-prized white wines and notes of traditional herbs, including absinthe flower, is already apparent. It should be savored straight, poured cold from its unique bottle or with ice and lemon peel. Perfect as a basis for creating some of the very popular cocktails. Pairings: pure, with water or mixed is perfect with olives, appetizers, vegetables and blue cheese. Chocolate pralines with cloves, rhubarb and citrus fruits, Panettone and candied fruit.

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Category: Aperitif

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