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Colle Sereno Aglianico Terre degli Osci IGP 2016

Sapori Italiani


Aglianico is a major grape, often called ""the Barolo of the South"". Indeed is a big wine: dark, full-bodied, strong, rich, deep, with the high tannin levels and high acidity that make it an excellently ageable wine. The time softens the wine's firm tannic structure and enamel-removing acidity revealing lush layers of sweetened fruit and dried floral aromas intermixed with dusty and spiced smoke savory flavors. Maturation takes place for at least 12 months in stainless steel containers. The wine is then aged in precious barrels of Slavonian oak for 24 months. The aroma is Intense and complex of red pulp fruit and black cherry, with balsamic and spicy notes. The taste: warm, persistent, velvety tannin, with typical spicy finish. Pairings: Serve with major first courses, aged cheese, truffles, red meats.

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