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Bosca Watermelon Sparkletini 4 cans x 250ml

Sapori Italiani


Once smelled, unmistakable notes of ripe juicy sugary fruit are released. Its fresh and sweet crunchy taste adding a balanced acidity is highlighted when in your palate. Its typically pale pink color reminds of watermelon pulp. 5% alcohol content. Pairings: neat, on the rocks, or as an ingredient for cocktails (vodka, rum or spumante). Try serving it in emptied baby watermelons, adding rosemary and lime juice. Perfect with a caprese salad with slices of watermelon and basil leaves; cottage cheese with fruit compote and red onion, sugar and mustard grains chutney; spicy rocket salad with aromatic herbs or cherry tomatoes and cucumbers; rice salad with watermelon and cheese cubes, or chopped almonds. Steamed or grilled shrimps, fish carpaccio, crabmeat. Watermelon pudding; melon and watermelon jelly with spumante; lemon and mint cake, jams.

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