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Bosca Toselli Red Halal - Non Alcoholic Beverage

Sapori Italiani


Halal certified. Ideal for lovers of bubbles, without anything added – not even the alcohol. The grapes, selected and harvested only when sweetness and acidity are perfectly balanced, are pressed and macerated in direct contact with the skins, which pass on their typical ruby red pigmentation with purple hues, to give Toselli Red its special colouring. During maceration the skins release substances, such as polyphenols, that are rich in anti-oxidants. The bouquet conjures up images of red fruits. The patented, re-closable Multistap cap preserves the bubbles over time and guarantees that the party can continue each time the bottle is opened over and over! Pairings: salads, sheep or goat fresh cheese, rice with orange slices, traditional Arabic cuisine, labneh over vegetables or bread, feta, seffa. Panettone or Pandoro, pound cake, cheesecake, pastries, meringue and dried or candied fruits, dates..

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