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Bosca Red Vermuth di Torino

Sapori Italiani


Vermouth Rosso Bosca an aperitif with a flavor that is unforgettable, like the elegant, sloping shape of its brand-new bottle. The typical red color, arising from the use of caramel, is reminiscent of hard cherries. On the palate, a fragrant balance of aromatic herbs leads to the ultimate triumph of the absinthe! Red vermouth is a classic drinking as an aperitif, straight, with ice or tonic water, but it is also ideal as a basis for cocktails and in preparing meat dishes. Pairings: pure, with water or mixed is perfect with olives, appetizers, vegetables and blue cheese. Chocolate pralines with cloves, rhubarb and citrus fruits, Panettone and candied fruit.

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Category: Aperitif

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