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Bosca Cuvee Brut Nature - Monsieur Bosca

Sapori Italiani


This special Cuvée, obtained with the Martinotti method, has a minimum quantity of residual sugar: no dosage, no addition at the time of final closure of the bottle – just the grapes and their particular qualities. A spumante Brut Cuvée with a clean, rich flavor that will leave both connoisseurs and lay-tasters fully satisfied. The color is a sharp straw-yellow, while the perfume is earthy. To be savored right down to the last drop. Pairings: Quiches, Quartirolo cheese and Mediterranean salad; Risotto with red radicchio, Tagliatelle with lobster or anchovies, Tajarin (Piedmontese pasta) with butter and sage or with a mushroom sauce. Shellfish with curry mayonnaise sauce, salmon tartare and shrimp. Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and Piedmontese Toma cheese.

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