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AB Selezione Italian Spirits Grappa of Barolo aged 700ml

Sapori Italiani


From the harmonious vineyards in the famous DOCG Barolo region, come the grape marcs of this “cru” of Barolo, “the nocturnal wine that smells of violets and fog”. After a slow distillation in a pot still using a double boiler and 12 months of ageing in Allier oak barrels, this grappa shows all its austere and elegant range of notes. and represents the top of the perfect Grappa expression. Elegant at the nose, it gradually opens up, revealing aromas of oriental spices that blend with those of Black Cavendish tobacco, with classic notes of dried figs and vanilla. A soft and enveloping flavour underlines the elegant and austere qualities of this grappa, with mild hints of mandarin peel.

Collections: Wine, Beer & Spirits

Category: Grappa, Liquor

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